You're Not Failing, Your Diet Is Failing You

What do you think of when you hear the word “diet”? Most of us make an ugly face and roll our eyes. Because the truth is, we have all been down that dreaded road once or twice before. It’s good at first, until you realize that it is not sustainable and definitely not fun!


The BIGGEST issue with diets is that they do not guarantee you long term success. They are short lived, as are their results. Let’s go over three key problems with diets we face in today’s society and how you can learn how to lose weight and keep it off for good!

Problem # 1: Most diets are not equipped for long term.

Plenty of programs will help you cut calories and lose weight, at least at first they might. Most diets are short term, like a 30, 60 or 90 day program. Unless we are talking 2 week “detoxes”, then that is a whole different story. Don’t get me started on those! This is simply because smaller commitments sell easier than lifestyle changes. Nobody wants to make big changes.


The truth is, we are human and we do not have infinite willpower and dedication to commit to an overly strict eating regime for that long. Who would want to do that? It is not fun or realistic to do so.  

Problem #2: You are trapped after your diet program is complete.

Naturally, after a “diet” is over, you feel like you deserve a “reward”. And what do we normally reward ourselves with? Yeah, you guessed it…Food! Most people go out and have some sort of “treat” only to feel regret, shame and disgust, immediately afterwards. This is an example of a disorder called “post traumatic dieting disorder”. According to Dr. Yoni Freedholf, obesity expert and author, PTDD is described as “feelings of shame, guilt, a loss of healthy body image, social withdrawal, and feeling of constant threat by food.”  


You are probably wondering how do I go back to my normal eating habits without gaining the weight back? Well, if you want to keep the changes you worked hard for, you are going to have to make permanent changes. However, it is not hard if you know the 6 easy ways to keep the weight off for good!

Problem #3: Dieting is the problem.

There is no right way of dieting or “going healthier.” Let me ask you this, if there was one true diet that really works as well as advertised, why are there so many on the market today? Why do we have millions of people overweight? What we really need to have, is a healthy relationship with food that does not require restrictions. Learning to have a balanced intake alleviates the typical food stressors associated with dieting.

Change the way you look at food. Don’t let the food change you.

Dieting in any form IS NOT the answer. Living a healthy and balanced lifestyle is the only way to successfully make a permanent change. So instead of engrossing yourself in yet again another 45 day quick-fix diet, learn how to reach your goals while still enjoying the foods you love.

If you’re ready to keep the weight off, give up on fad diets, and embrace a happier healthier lifestyle for you and your family, sign up for our free webinar today to join the party!

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